Product Details

Dunnage / Void Fill

Empty space filling, box strengthening provides void fillers/ dunnage bags / empty space fillers. These air bags fill empty space within box. Your highly valuable products now require no more filling of bulky waste news paper or tissue papers or shredded waste paper. No more bad impression of your product and damage on your brand image due to filling waste in empty space.

These air bags are 100% recyclable, eco friendly, hygienic provide cushioning, act as internal box support system, helps in damage control, are cost effective and all the above help to build your brand image. Being weightless these help to cut the steep shipping cost.

The bags come with self sealing technique which saves your time & money. The upgraded professional looks of your packaging helps to uplift your product’s image too.

The Customized bags comes in sizes of

  • 100 MM X 200 MM, 100 MM X 300 MM, 100 MM X 400 MM
  • 200 MM X 200 MM, 200 MM X 300 MM, 200 MM X 400 MM
  • 300 MM X 300 MM, 300 MM X 400 MM
  • 400 MM X 400 MM