Product Details


Air columns sheet roll is a kind of protective wall which wraps all around the large and/or irregularly shaped items and provides the air cushioning.

Air column sheet roll comes with continuous yet independent tubes. The see through structure helps to set the approximate length good enough to wrap around the product.

Through a quick visual inspection the width is set by pinching off the air supply with a binder clip, filling air and cutting the roll.

The Roll comes in a width of 440 MM, 600 MM, 780 MM & 1000 MM. The continuous running length is available between 300~600 Meters as per requirement.

The Individual air chambers with independent valves allow for non-catastrophic failure.

These are helpful in reduction of monetary losses due to damages, helpful in building brand image through customer satisfaction, are highly cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly protective packaging solution.

Inflatable Packaging also offers a variety of inflators and machines to be used with all Airbag and Superi-Air products.